From a son of immigrants who came to our country to work and achieve the American Dream. I grew up divided between two cultures, lived on a ranch and had a mixture of friends. As life moved along I found myself mixing action sport brands with cowboy boots and country apparel. I realized it was a hybrid style. Almost like an urban cowboy/ outdoors/ skate mesh. So we created Imperial Brand Co. we are a clothing brand but more than that an outlet where you can express yourself and embrace your lifestyle. Hard work and determination triumphs all. It’s the only obstacle between you and greatness. We are a brand dedicated to the people who don’t mind getting a dirty. Weather your out smashing through the dunes, shooting some lead or just enjoy the outdoors we are here to represent. IMPERIAL BRAND COMPANY is here to provide you high quality clothing with style that will allow you to move more fluidly while performing adrenaline pumping activities.